Always at least trying to remain on the edge of cameraness, Polaroid is still hitting hard, maybe too hard – launching the JoyCam at the same time as the i-Zone, which ended up making it to the world's top selling camera, may have been a bad idea. Things on the edge at Polaroid: the Runamok Pic shoe, not really a Camera [not at all], but a cool i-Zone picture frame in the form of a shoe; the PhotoMax Digital Picture Frame, with which you upload pics to the Net and people that you give the frame to receive twenty new pics a day to digitally display [read it, you'll understand better]. I also read in Wired about a PagerCamera that Polaroid is developing with which you take photos and it automatically emails them to an account [imagine, never having to worry about film or flash cards again!]; and also a digital camera that also includes a Polaroid printer, so you can decide what pics to make hard-copy and what to keep soft. close window